Oakridge Oregon

Waves of blue-
In 1991- I went to a psychic-
She told me that I would be taking a journey far to the south- Where they speak another langauge. I would meet a man 'who walks alot' and he would be my husband. She said in America we would be doing 'official paperwork, in a southern state.

The young man I met 20 years ago... and the old man who lived one of the fullest richest lives...

We met in Venezuela, he had just finished a chapter living in the mountains with his friend Heiko... they carried everything up on their backs, drank from a mountain spring and lived the dreams of young men. No electric, no piped in water... they lived in a hut for about 3 months... He walked everywhere.

We met at a cheap travellers hotel-  I told him I was heading to Macchu Picchu by myself... he said "You are one crazy 'gringa'! You can't speak the langauge and you are a 'green horn'.
I have to take you there myself!
We spent 6 months visiting Ecuador, Peru and Colombia- from there we married in Boston-
A year in Switzerland hanging at his Moms house...
Top it with 3 years travelling the US in a 19 foot RV...

We separated- didn't speak for years-
Hurricane Katrina sent him on a search for me-
We emailed and phoned each other..

One month ago yesterday - We hugged -
Another whirlwind story for another day-

A new chapter has begun...
Rest in Peace...

August 9, 2015 - almost noon

 As a child some of my most treasured moments were the visits to the library. The famous painting by Sunday in the Park by Seurat hung on the wall; I couldn’t imagine the piece of art was made completely with dots. Just a few feet away were books for kids my age. The selection process was exciting but Curious George often won. Next was carefully printing my name on the check out card that was made of thick beige paper and worn and smudged. In a single line we would clutch our books to our chests and go back to class to read.Type your paragraph here.

Written for my March 2015 article for Louisiana Road Trips

Driving during the ice storm- Memphis to Hernando 1995?

Written February 22, 2015

Remember that ice storm when we were in Hernando Mississippi
I had that job at the Wentworth Art Gallery in a windowless store in the mall-
Someone came in and said 'there is an ice storm started'.
My boss offered to let me stay at her apartment in Memphis-
... but how bad could it be?

I told her no, I really didn't want to. I had a credit card and a backup plan,
If I slid at any red light I would get a hotel room....
Green light after green light- I hit them all-
Not a single red light until I hit I-55 on the highway

I realized the mistake I made as the Subaru started to slide.
I was horrified as I watched cars fly past me-
.. driving way too fast for the weather conditions-

It seemed like forever when I finally drove up that long steep driveway...

I made it home safe-

‘Never again’ I thought..