Su Stella
Oakridge, Oregon 97463


Hippie Day Tripper Magazine- Publisher/ Editor/ Writer/ Photographer-2019
Creator of online travel and adventure magazine. 

Louisiana Culture Grant- Recipient -2016
Wrote and was awarded a $2000 grant for a glass kiln and supplies.

 Shreveport Arts Grant- Recipient- 2016
Wrote and was awarded a $1500 grant for HOSTS promotional material.

 Highland Open Studio Tour Sunday- Creator- Shreveport Louisiana- 2013- 2017 Organized this monthly art walk in our historic Highland District.
Duties included all organization, copy, promotion, press releases and maps. This event is now in its sixth year.

 How to Get a Bitchin’ Budtender Job-

Author- Oakridge, Oregon- 2019
Author of this ebook published February 2019. It covers breaking into the cannabis industry, from landing the job to understanding the daily tasks to be a successful budtender.  Pen name Valentine Caprio.

I Wish I Had Asked- Author-2006
This is a book began after the death of my father. It is 100 fun and quirky questions for you to answer for your family before you pass away. I wrote it because I never knew if my parents had a teddy bear.

Louisiana Road Trips Magazine – Writer- Louisiana- 2005- 2017

Duties included all aspects of writing- from proposing a story, to researching it and producing an article with photographs on monthly deadline.  Subjects include monthly travel, events, interviews arts and features.

 Ink Spot Print Shop- Writer/ Pre Press- Quincy, MA -1983- 1986
Duties included writing ad copy and newsletter content for products and businesses.


Periodic Elements Podcast about “How to Get a Bitchin’ Budtender Job” 2019
Local Artist Spotlight Show- KPXJ- CW 21- Featured Artist Episode 1 Season 1-July 2012
Women’s Department Club- Shreveport LA- Spoke about the joys of art-February 2011
Shreveport Art Club- Spoke about watercolor skills and supplies- March 2011
Meadows Museum – Shreveport, LA: Triennial guest speaker- 2010-
LPB TV- One of seven artists selected for to be featured on a television show 2009

Cirque Du Soleil – Scenic Paint- Bossier LA- 2015
Oakridge Welcome Cottage- Tourist Information & Souvenir Shop – 2018
Cedar Creek Mural- traditional Oregon scenery- 2019
Inbound Mural- ‘The Protectors’ – Inland Wild Firefighters 2019



ARTBREAK- Shreveport, LA- Third Grade Days & Public weekend- 2008- 2015
MAD Café Home School – Bossier City, LA - taught groups of home schoolers 2008-2011
Barnwell Center- Shreveport, LA: “Art after Hours” adult painting class 2007- 2010
Shreveport Arts Council Shreveport, LA “Music is the Muse”- Art Residency- 2008-09
Shreveport Parks & Recreation Shreveport, LA: Taught Summer teen art program 2009
Renzi Center- Shreveport- Teach after school art to kids from 6- 13 years. 2008-09           
Shreveport Parks & Recreation Shreveport, LA: afterschool program 2007-10
Barnwell Center- Shreveport, LA: One day glass workshop- 2008             
ArtSpace- Shreveport, LA: Saturday workshops, field trip groups and parties- 2008-09    


Set paint and decoration
Bus Stop- LA House of Props & River City Reps- Bossier LA 2013
A Trip  to Bountiful- Shreveport Little Theater- LA-2014
To Kill a Mocking Bird-Shreveport Little Theater- LA 2014
Diary of Anne Frank- Shreveport Little Theater- LA 2014
The Game’s Afoote- Shreveport Little Theater- LA 2014
Venus in Fur- LA House of Props & River City Reps- Bossier LA 2014
A Little Princess- Shreveport Little Theater- LA 2014
Shrek the Musical- Shreveport Little Theater- LA 2014
Addams Family- Shreveport Little Theater- LA 2014
The Gin Game – LA House of Props & River City Reps-  LA 2014
Three in a Van- Shreveport Little Theater 2015
All My Sons- Shreveport Little Theater 2015
Smell of Greasepaint- Shreveport Little Theater 2015

















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